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The trine to Pluto was helpful in taking him to the top of politics.

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He gained his real power in when transiting Pluto was on his Vertex, on the most fortunate fixed star Arcturus. Moon conjunct Scheat: Worry, loss and gain of friends through criticism, danger of accidents and by water. Mercury conjunct Scheat: Many accidents and narrow escapes especially by water, many enemies, trouble through writings, bad for health and domestic affairs. This causes growth on the left foot, such as warts, or types of fungus.

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There is disruption of the energy through ht lungs and breathing areas of the cheat causing fungus growths in the lungs. Anyone having this configuration should definitely not smoke, or a serious health problem will result. Emphysema, cancer an other types of lung diseases of a serious nature are a certainty with those who have this configuration if they elect to smoke or otherwise take in foreign matter into the lungs. Natives with this conjunction should drink hot teas such as sassafras, red ginger, ginger root or golden seal root in small amounts.

These teas are purifiers and are too strong to drink continuously. As a preventative, a pinch of one of the teas in a large cup of hot water every other day would adequate. However, if a disease has already has already taken hold, ginger root should be taken in small amounts every day, alternating with sassafras tea mixed with ginger root to add to the cleansing properties to the herbs. Combining sassafras with ginger root would ordinarily be too powerful for the body to handle, but in extreme cases, these persons can handle this combination for three days using a teaspoon of each herb in a large cup of hot water.

This can be helpful even in the case of cancer or any type of fungus-related disease anywhere in the body. Mercury conjunct Mars conjunct Scheat: This disrupts the subconscious flow of energy to the brain in additions to the problems that Mercury alone can cause at this point. There is difficulty with nurturing and thought processes. Natives usually succumb to cheat colds and others notice that they continually have a slight cough. They feel they must be hostile when communicating their thought processes, due t the fact that they feel they did not receive enough attention from their mother.

Their minds can deteriorate to a raging frenzy and disrupt others at their employment, home or wherever they are at the time. They can be physically violent and other people do not wish to associate with them because of their disruptive tendencies.

Aspect Patterns

This is a self-undoing and it is the way they wish to live their lives. Venus conjunct Scheat: Evil environment, suffering through own acts, danger of imprisonment or restraint. Mars conjunct Scheat: Many accidents, sickness to native and relatives. These individuals experience a slight inflammation through the muscle of the left foot and the bronchial sacs. This may manifest as a boil on the bottom of the foot or in the bronchial area. There can be a persistent cough with mucus, with the problem being difficult to diagnose and to heal.

These persons should drink hot peppermint or spearmint teas continuously as it is difficult to draw the infections from the bronchial area. The infected mucus simply drifts to other parts of the body, infecting the intestinal and stomach areas. Jupiter conjunct Scheat: Many voyages, losses through law, friends and relatives, danger of imprisonment. Saturn conjunct Scheat: Danger of death in infancy, domestic trouble, colds and consumption, death by drowning or accident. Uranus conjunct Scheat: Deceitful, vacillating, little concentration, psychic, unreliable, involved in difficulties due to own acts, many accidents, death through drowning or by water especially if in 1st, 6th, 8th or 10th houses.

This causes slight spams through the feet that can be considered nerve disorders for the most part. Rubbing the feet often would be a good habit with any type of oil, and soaking them in warm water with a small amount of baking soda. Drinking a half glass of warm milk in the morning will literally heal the nerves and should be made a daily ritual. Neptune conjunct Scheat: Prominent in inventive, occult or psychic matters, persecuted, peculiar domestic conditions, many accidents, danger of drowning.

Pluto conjunct Scheat: This position causes the person to have a self-destructive attitude.

This is similar to Mercury conjunct Mars at this point but the self-destructive tendencies are much greater in that they force others to dislike them. They carry out their own self-undoing through various means, like cutting themselves purposely; they burn themselves or commit suicide by jumping in front of a car or train.

By doing these things, they feel they are hurting another individual in their life. They have a sever martyr complex to the point of self destruction. This is an emotional disorder in that they feel they are harming others by harming themselves. No help can be given these natives as they have set out to do these things in their incarnation.

Myth, Magic, Moons, Stars….

This configuration will occur again when the next age is on the scene. It will not be as powerful that time as it has been in this age. There will be incarnations by those from this age who have chosen this configuration to experience these things; however, in the next age, others will simply ignore these self-destructive tendencies. In the coming Age of Aquarius, if they wish to injure or destroy themselves, others will pay little attention. The elevation of the minds of people in this new age will allow them to pay scant attention to those who wish to destroy themselves.

They would feel that it would be better to rid themselves of such a person rather than become emotional over the self-inflicted injuries or destruction they have brought upon themselves. The mythology says Scheat is connected to misfortune and water and the air. I will just focus on events related to storms and water, and the air specifically planes, not spaceships. One more link I found was with industrial disputes. We have had a series of grand sextiles since late June when Venus joined Mercury in Cancer, followed by Jupiter and Mars. About an hour later the Moon opposes Saturn, then squares the Sun, sextiles Jupiter, trines Venus and Pluto, sextiles Mars, conjuncts the south node, and sextiles Mercury.

Go exalted Moon in Taurus! We are somewhat out of the direct intensity of Uranus square Pluto the last square was May 20, the next November 1. If we have the opportunity, there could not be a better day to take a moment to invite and cultivate our version of perfectly potentized water feelings, fluids, lakes, waves, ponds, pools, showers, libations, fertility, impressions, dreams, ablutions , interlocking and moving in profound agreement and cooperation with an equal equipoise in earth land, ground, money, food, manifestation, stabilizing.

Although there are challenging aspects forming now as well, with many writers in the links below telling this part of the story, I am focusing on the symmetry of the six-pointed star. On Monday especially, others might be drawn to align with this geometry. In some yogic traditions, the six-pointed star is associated with the anahata , the heart chakra. This is the 4th chakra, the meeting point and the balance between the lower and higher chakras.

There is also an association with bees and the heart chakra. Thank you everyone for reading, and may we find cooperation and ease beyond our wildest imaginations.

They were carefully and intricately placed in a layer of the ceilings of a very big house under construction. It was hugely challenging; no one had ever done it before and an imminent deadline was pressing. It was also complicated by the fact that the new system was added late in the design; the architectural plans were completed but everyone had to adapt and see if it would work. I happened to be there when the craftsmen had the first trial run to see if it worked: Yay!

It did, no leaks. I naturally saw this as a beautiful display of water and earth trines: safe new pathways to hold the energy supplied by water, the successful outcome of a creative new technology and a metaphor for what we are experiencing in life these days. Both times I caught myself going much too fast — hello Mars opposite Pluto square Uranus — right before I spotted a police car.

Roxanna Muise has a terrifically informative article, The Grand Sextile. She includes many details on aspect patterns, history of past grand sextiles, and connections now to the NY Stock Exchange, the U. Gemini Rising and Sibly charts, and to Barack Obama. New testament is another matter entirely. He goes on to say;. They are still in power. They are still in control…. Oh, yeah?